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"Voicing Your Vision"

A voice-over artist is one that courageously breathes life into the written word, with the invisible force within them.

             -Remie Michelle Clarke


Kelli Lindsay is a multitalented, professionally trained, and experienced voice talent. In 2017, she turned her passion for acting and professional speaking into a thriving career as a professional voice over artist. Kelli’s vocal range and repertoire of dialect styles enable her to meet and exceed client expectations and requests for commissioned work.  


Her voice over works include a wide variety of projects from audiobooks and digital featurettes for technology companies, to a welcoming voice for visitors planning vacations to large destinations.


If your corporation is seeking an enthusiastic, attention-grabbing voice to represent your company in commercials, feature videos and more, Kelli Lindsay should be your choice. From articulate tones for e-learning, to an engaging tenor for narrating audiobooks, Kelli is a confident, well trained professional.  

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